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The Monster

Bingwa Corruption MonsterChildren, 3- 7 years do not understand anything about corruption and what is does with a country and its people. However, at this age many of the children's character is being formed and if we want to eradicate corruption we have to start with children at that age. The way to do that is to make corruption known to them in children terms and all children know what a "Monster" is. That is why we have created a "Corruption Monster" and tell the children it is bad to them and everybody else, so they have to fight it with all means.

We have also made plays in schools about the "Corruption Monster" so the children from young age can understand that corruption is evil and must be fought. We will make many different ways of make the children understand about corruption, among them a special "Champion song" in order to make them champions who is strong enough to fight corruption. Bingwa magazine will build the children's characters, self-confidence and motivation among other things, for that purpose.